Sand Stripe Jacket
Sand Stripe Jacket
Sand Stripe Jacket

Sand Stripe Cycling Jersey

The elegant navy is combined with the subdued sand color of the transverse stripe. The whole is boosted by a neutral white color, creating a classic cycling jacket.The flexible, Italian material is covered with a layer of Aquazerro® to protect the cyclist from the rain. Insulated material provides thermal comfort and a perfectly tailored cut. With a zippered pocket to store your phone, the functionality of the jacket increases for everyday use. Visibility is improved with built-in reflectors on the back panel.

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- Waterproof Aquazerro® layer
- Quilted, highly elastic material
- Troubleproof zipper from Japanese YKK company
- Longer back of a jacket
- Silicone trimming of the jacket’s bottom
- Standup, warm collar
- 3 pockets + 1 zippered

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